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Indians are highly obsessed with Gold. You can easily find assets made of it in every household. It is considered to be one of the purest metal according to Hindu mythology and traditions. It is a part of our rich culture and heritage. We love buying jewellery, artefacts, statue, idols of gilt. We do a lot of market research and analysis before buying precious metal from the market, like the current price, best sellers and outlets near us etc. Just like buying gold, selling of it is also a very important procedure, because when we are selling such an expensive asset we always want to get the best price for the product. If you want to sell your jewellery in Delhi NCR region, then Cash For Gold & Silverkings is the perfect place for you.

What any individual looks or examine before selling their gold assets to any dealer or buyer? Answer is very obvious that every seller looks for a buyer who can provide the best price for their asset, in such frame Cash Against Gold is the perfect frame for you. Here we provide our sellers with the best possible price for their assets after its evaluation. Our evaluation process is recognized by the international market and we have a well trained and experienced staff for our customers.

During the evaluation we measure the purity and weight of your asset and trust us, our motto is customer satisfaction that’s why our evaluation process is transparent and evaluation is performed in the presence of customers. We highly appreciate our customer feedback and always ready to hear from our customers. We value your concern for your really expensive asset that’s why we even provide free jewellery assessment for our customers. People in Delhi NCR region trust us because of our name and position in the market.

Procedure To Sell Gold

The very first step that one has to take for selling their jewellery is to get in touch with us and fix an appointment

After getting an appointment, bring your asset like jewellery, coins, bars idols whether they are new, unused or even scrap or broken.

Our team will perform the evaluation process in your presence

After evaluation, Our team will tell you the price of your asset

After deal finalises, we disperse money as soon as possible in Cash, NEFT, RTGS, as per the convenience of the customer.

Our company is a very popular and trusted name when it comes to selling and buying expensive and beautiful assets like gold, silver and diamonds. Recently we moved into gold loan settlement, which has become really popular among people.

Gold Item that We Buy



Ear Rings

Nose Rings




Toe rings






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