Platinum Forever

I know this tag line is associated with diamond but nowadays with the popularity of platinum and its properties, this tag line is much suited to it. Its shiny, flawlessness, rare, versatile characteristics made it famous among jewellery lovers. It is less reactive than precious metals like gold and silver which made it money worthy. It’s chemical properties made it last longer and attractive which led people to opt it over gold and silver. We can see platinum rings, pendants, bangles and bracelets common among ladies but keep in mind this is not the only list.

Worthy for Money

Due to less availability of platinum on earth, makes it one of the attractive stuff among human. It is said that 1800 tons of ores only gives 130 tons of it and only Russia and South Africa have its reserved. Now, it sounds much appealing why it is so costly. But our main question is whether buying it is money worth? I can yes. Unlike gold, with time its quality never deplete so it’s value never goes down.

Selling of Platinum

As buying of platinum is always profitable, selling it always gives you the best value. If you are looking to sell it you should go to agencies who are professional. Unlike other precious metals, it is hard to examine the quality at home. So, it’s better to find some trusted buyer. Cashfor Gold & Silverkings is among one of the names in the market who are recognized as authentic, trusted and genuine buyer. We have branches all-over Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon. With our outlets always open to give you the best service, we also provide home pick-up where our team will approach you to collect jewellery and give money. We are committed to better service which stands us out from other buyers. We have the most experienced team to evaluate the quality of precious metals. So, feel free to contact us to experience a never before experience of selling.

Some More Interesting Facts

•             Platinum is twice costly than gold

•             Most of the famous diamond-like Kohe-Noor is embedded in it.

•             90% of its ores are found in Russia and South Africa

•             Its name is derived from the Spanish word “Platina” which means little silver.

•             It is chemically much stable than any other precious metal.

•             It has a value as an anti-tumour agent.

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